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Aye, Captain

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Even though I’ve been the past two years, this Dragon*Con marks a convention first for me. I will be seeing one of my childhood heroes in person for the first time. I’ve seen celebrities before, but none of them compare to meeting the Captain of the USS Enterprise. No, not Shatner — Patrick Stewart. As other children were idolizing athletes and pop stars I was dreaming of piloting a Galaxy class starship and beaming down on away missions. Memories from that show still resonate very strongly with me. I vividly recall the fictional history of his command of that ship. From Q’s trial to the Klingon Civil War, From Tapestry to The Inner Light. I still get a chill when I hear, “I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From this day forward you will service … us.” The man is an accomplished scholar and diplomat, a brilliant tactician and warrior. It would be a proud day in my life if I could meet him face to face and thank him for everything that he’s done.

But he’s not real. None of those grand feats are real no matter how strong my memories of them are. The man sitting up there on that stage is not Jean-Luc Picard. Patrick Stewart isn’t a starship captain. I know this. I have a degree in theatre, and yet I’m having a difficult time separating reality from fiction. I’m still excited to see him, and hear about his experiences both on Star Trek and his other works. I’m an adult, I know I should act like one, but there’s still this part of me that I’m sure will be disappointed that I’m not seeing the “real” captain.


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