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Once upon a time… Drew and Patrick met on the first day of their freshman year in college. They quickly became very good friends and discovered that they had a lot in common. Both were huge nerds, but in different ways. Drew later met Becca, whom he found to be a “closet nerd” of sorts. They got married recently, and Patrick and his girlfriend Natalia attended the wedding. A fourth nerd had been added to the mix, and they all started talking about how fun it would be to get back in touch with each other through writing a blog. We don’t always agree (in fact, we quite often don’t), so we decided that it was the perfect group makeup to create a nerdy blog with a wide range of subjects and viewpoints.

Beccas Avatar Becca

Birthday: November 9, 1984
Nerdiness: World of Warcraft (armory); Dragon*Con patroness
Bio: I don’t think of myself as being so much of a nerd independently. I think it’s more in association and support of my husband Drew (see below). My lack of obsession with anything (other than World of Warcraft) is, I think, due to my inability to pay attention to anything (other than World of Warcraft) for more than a few weeks. But I’m fully willing to watch anything that Drew asks (read: forces) me to. We go to Dragon*Con every year, and I look forward to it tremendously — even though I don’t know what most of the people in the panels are talking about. It’s just inspiring to me to be surrounded by people who have such devotion to their respective interests.

Drew Drew

Birthday: August 12, 1984
Nerdiness: Mecha Anime (especially Gundam and Macross); Star Trek (especially The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine); Battlestar Galactica; World of Warcraft (armory); Various console and computer games (favorites: Bioshock, Zelda, Half-Life)





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